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Free Talk Radio Live – Jaime Bronstein is a relationship therapist, coach and host of “Love Talk Live” on LA Talk Radio. For the past 20 years, Jaime has guided people around the world as they navigate the highs and lows of dating and relationships. On her website and in her personal and video conference sessions, Jaime helps her clients heal their pasts, love themselves unconditionally, be vulnerable, tap into their inner strengths and insights, and achieve their relationship goals. Learn how to live more authentically. . Jaime is highly sought after to share her relationship advice on various media outlets such as KTLA, ABC, NBC and CBS News, YahooFinance, Reader’s Digest, The Week and Positively Positive. Jaime empowers her clients to become aware of the fact that they were born to have love – not just any love – in their lives.

Love to them. His book on expressions of love is currently in the works. Jaime holds a BA in Psychology from Boston University, an MA from New York University, and a Certificate in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. enables him to help change the perspective of his clients; Seeing every challenge in life as an opportunity to grow as a person. Jaime fulfills his mission to make a positive impact by changing lives around the world. For inspiring content, follow her on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Free Talk Radio Live

Hosted by The Relationship Expert, Jim Bronstein, LCSW, Love Talk Live is a program about relationships – discussing everything from singlehood to couples to divorce/breakup. Jam is joined by a different co-host and guest each week. Thought-provoking questions will be raised and discussed. Life-changing content will be shared and viewers will be inspired. This refreshing and light-hearted show will leave you feeling alive and ready to express the love you deserve or inspire you to expand the relationship you’re already in. . Tune in every week for an enlightening, eye-opening and entertaining show!

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In this episode of “Love Talk Live” I interview Rohan Dixit. Rohan is the founder and CEO of Lief Therapeutics (, a digital mental health company built around a successful wearable device. He is also the founder of The Internet Party (, a non-profit organization that supports grassroots politics through direct, technology-enabled democracy. A former Harvard and Stanford neuroscientist, Rohan’s work has been featured in The Today Show, CNBC, The Atlantic, Rolling Stone, NBC, CBS and Forbes magazine. Topics discussed include: How heart rate variability can be improved using the “Leaf” device; How biofeedback can improve your relationships and learning how to calm your nervous system can stop you from overreacting.

In this episode of “Love Talk Live” I interviewed a married couple, Elise and Greg Jaffe. Elise Jaffe is the “Espostate” and executive producer of Big Teeth Productions. In addition to handling most of the business, he is one of the lead producers and directors of the company, which focuses on documentary-style and animated projects. His advertising, television and new media production experience includes agency production: JWT, Gray New York, Draft FCB, Match MG and Edelman and post/design production: VSA Partners, Vitamin Pictures and Foundation Content. . He also created, produced and directed the children’s web series “Fooditude”, which taught tween about life through food. Greg Jaffe co-founded Chicago-based creative production studio Big Teeth Productions in 2005 with his business/life partner Elise. He oversees all work that goes out the door as creative director. On any given day he is a writer, editor, director and peter of dogs. In addition to client work, Greg has written and directed several short films that have played at festivals around the world and occasionally won awards. Topics covered include: – How the couple met and knew they wanted to get married – How the couple manage to balance work and family and relationships – Both Alice and Greg have their own individual interests, hobbies and projects How do you find the time? – Big Teeth Short Film Festival – A discussion about the documentary they are making called “Unscarred” and how they are bringing awareness to it. – Partips for a lasting “forever” marriage

In this episode of “Lova Talk Live” I interviewed Laura West. Laura is a registered nurse, energy healer, psychic medium, author and podcast host for A Guided Life Podcast. He has participated in several international spiritual meetings, taught students all over the world about intuition on several virtual platforms, contributed to both national and international journals and magazines, and presented at national and international level. Has been invited as a guest on several podcasts. He has also written his own book entitled Guided. She is dedicated to spreading the word of love and teaching others how to communicate intuitively with their spirit guides. Topics covered: -how to connect with spirit guides -how to strengthen and listen to your intuition -what it’s like to be a medium and how Laura helps people connect with loved ones who have passed on.

In this episode of “Love Talk Live” I interview Jacqui Rubinoff. Jacqui Rubinoff is a Southern California entrepreneur and VP of @EyeofLove, a fast-growing pheromone brand specializing in products to enhance your everyday life. She is also a certified life coach and relationship expert who focuses on helping people live their best lives. The following are the topics discussed in this episode: 1. Pheromones: What they are/how they work. 2. Eye of Love, what kind of products are available etc. and Jackie’s role in the company 3. Relationship tips for children, how to keep relationships strong with children and relationship tips for parents in general. 4. Eye of Love works with Patty Stanger on their fragrance “Matchmaker.”

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In this episode of “Love Talk Live”, I interview Aresny and Olga Moroz, a mother and son who fled Ukraine. They tell the incredible story of their victory. During the attacks, they endured a lot of fear on a daily basis, but their love for each other and family kept them going. He has been blessed with the help of good Samaritans, friends and family along the way who have helped him get to where he is now, living in Los Angeles. Father and grandmother are still in Ukraine and hope to join their family soon. Arsini (@ars.mzz) is an award-winning dancer and Olga (@olga11333) is an award-winning fashion designer.

On this episode of “Love Talk Live,” I interview viral TikToker and New York Post contributor Gina DeStefano. Jenna’s story of how she was more heartbroken after a “situation” from a long-term relationship actually captured heartthrobs on social media, gaining so much recognition and validation that it’s a real concept. Yes, and many people agree with this trend. . In this episode we discussed: – Why “situations” can be so difficult – How to be aware when entering “situations” – Empowerment when “situations” end to find true love How to feel – Gina’s inspiring story of healing and then find her now-boyfriend

In this episode of “Love Talk Live,” I interview Emily Wolf, author of “My Thirty-First Year (and Other Disasters).” Emily is an ardent feminist, U2 fan and Chicago native. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Emily now lives in Houston with her husband, children and dogs. Emily has published several articles on the Houston Chronicle and In this episode we talk about: – What Zoe took away from her ‘failed’ marriage and what she’s learned and how she’s grown – The stigma surrounding divorce – Highlights from the book Many of these relationship pressures and societal expectations young women still face . The importance of timing when it comes to finding love – What women need to find romance – Why Zoe’s soon-to-be ex, Rob, didn’t attend the abortion and why Zoe was okay with it. Highly recommend reading the book! Visit Emily’s website or Amazon to purchase. This is an inspiring book and a wonderful story. My Thirty-First Year (And Other Disasters): A Novel

In this episode of Love Talk Live, I interview Forbes columnist, author and host of The You Turn podcast. Ashley is a professional counter-terrorism career coach, international best-selling author, Fortune 500 person, and expert in intuition, personal branding, and fulfillment. Shark Tank star Damon John cites Ashley’s best-selling book U Turn: Get Instinct, Discover Your Direction, Design Your Dream Career as “the definitive guide to discovering your path in the workforce.” With nearly 7 million views, his TED Talk on Intuition and Fulfillment is ranked among the top 100 TED Talks on the Internet. Between his online courses, subscribers and show “The U Turn Podcast” (with 2M downloads); She has been able to help clients in 78 countries discover themselves, upgrade their confidence and achieve career fulfillment. Intuition: What It Is, How to Listen to and Use Your Intuition Self-Confidence: How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs and Be Your Best Self

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