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Sports Radio Station Fm – The Super Bowl gathers more than one hundred million viewers, so it is not only the biggest event of the year in American football

But also for the press. Every year, media from all over the country travel to the host city and set up in a special press room, all at the same time live coverage of one place. Coined “Radio Row,” this week-long promotional event leads up to the Super Bowl game

Sports Radio Station Fm

And allows all participating media to interview current and former footballers, sports commentators and celebrities.

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92.1 FM Team Sports Radio gets the Super Bowl from Radio Row. After years of traditional audio coverage, KTBB and

They were the first radio station to bring video equipment into the Super Bowl Convention Center. Paul Gleiser, owner

They recorded video interviews from a single camera and then uploaded the content to their websites and YouTube channels for video-on-demand (VOD) consumption. In preparation for Super Bowl 51, the stations wanted to offer an even better viewing experience with a multi-camera interview.

Paul Gleiser researched video converter and encoder options and found an assortment from a photo and video equipment store. The package includes a ® Monarch HD encoder and a Roland® V-1HD video switcher. With the hardware bundle, KTBB and KRWR can simultaneously stream and record, and reach their social media followers via Facebook Live. “For us, range was key to what we were trying to do,” Gleiser said. “Having a live multi-camera shoot and recording at the same time was perfect!”

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Super Bowl LI was fast approaching, and the Monarch encoder and V-1HD switcher were scheduled to arrive 10 days before the event. As soon as the bouquet arrived, Gleiser’s support team was contacted to ensure a good setup for the event. “I was so impressed with the tech support team. They didn’t help us get through the single

Platform, but they also followed up to make sure everything was going well,” says Gleiser. “An exemplary experience, more than anything I’ve had from a tech company in a long, long time.”

The installation includes a two-camera setup: one camera focused on the guest and the second on the host. HDMI outputs from both

And a laptop (to create the lower thirds graphics) were connected to the Roland V-1HD switcher. Another HDMI cable connected the switcher to the Monarch HD device. An audio mixer was used to record the sound from two microphones near the guest and the host. An analog connection was then made from the mixer to the Monarch HD’s stereo analog input via a 1/8″ jack. Streaming and recording destinations, as well as encoding parameters such as resolution and bitrate, were made simple and intuitive by Paul’s team’s web-based configuration. using Monarch Command Center With minimal setup time and production costs, KTBB and

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Live, multi-angle video interviews are streamed in 720p directly to Facebook Live via RTMP, with laptop-generated “title” graphics superimposed on the webcast in real time; these sections include the interviewee’s name, interview topic, sponsor information, and the like. VOD content is simultaneously recorded in higher quality 1080p to the Monarch HD’s built-in SD card. Interviews are captured in a live shot by switching between two cameras, and once encoded, they are immediately available for editing without the need for transcoding. This makes for a quick and easy post-production transformation, with a simple trimming exercise in Adobe® Premiere® Pro at the beginning and end of each interview. Interviews are uploaded to the stations’ YouTube channels, and YouTube links are embedded on their respective websites.

KTBB and KRWR continue to push the boundaries of what fans can expect from their favorite radio stations. At one time, it was unthinkable that a station on Radio Row would even consider video. Today, the range that includes the Monarch HD encoder allows multi-camera, fully integrated, broadcast-quality video interviews to be sent to Facebook Live or other video hosting platforms and recorded on VOD.

Encouraged by the positive experience using Monarch HD at Super Bowl LI, networks have since used the products to cover a variety of high-profile corporate functions and political events. Gleiser already plans to use Monarch HD to cover next year’s Super Bowl and is excited about the future possibilities the complete solution offers. Gleiser enthuses: “With the two video cameras we already have, the Switcher and the flagship Monarch HD, we can go live from anywhere! It’s pretty amazing.”

Monarch HD takes an HDMI input from, for example, a camera, and produces an encoded stream that corresponds to IP protocols (RTSP or RTMP). While encoding the video at a bitrate suitable for live playback, it can simultaneously record a high-quality file (MP4 or MOV) to an SD card, USB drive or network-mapped drive.SportsRadio 850 has sports programming removed. Norfolk Station and its translators 96.5 Hampton and 96.5 Norfolk.

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Earlier Friday, the station began sounding construction and playing Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back.” A market source told BSM that the new Sinclair Communications-owned station may use the “Judy” moniker.

Max Media, a competitor in the market, dropped the Top 40 format to its 100.1 signal, then known as the Hot 100. It now carries the Urban AC format as 100.5 The Vibe.

WTAR featured national FOX Sports Radio programming, with the only local programming being a Saturday morning program hosted by J Lee.

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Sports Radio News Ryan Edwards Moves to Sports Zoo at KOA “Edwards has been in Denver radio since 2009. He spent eight years with 104.3 The Fan. He also did a brief stint at Mile High Sports Radio.’ Share this: Twitter Facebook

Ryan Edwards is staying at KOA, but the hours are about to change. Denver sports radio is going away

Edwards said in a press release. “I look forward to being a fan’s perspective on the Denver Broncos and all Denver sports.”

Edwards has been with Denver radio since 2009. He spent eight years with 104.3 The Fan. He also had a brief stint on Mile High Sports Radio.

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In 2017, iHeart joined Denver. The company that was on Orange & Blue 760 replaced the station with a conservative talk format. In 2019, he went to KOA where he worked

Sports Radio News Jason Fitz: Keyshawn Johnson can’t be taken seriously with Trevor Lawrence “There is no way Trevor Lawrence is the eighth best of the eight quarterbacks left in the playoffs after doing what he did after the first quarter of that last game. ” Share this: Twitter Facebook

When he was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2021, Trevor Lawrence was heralded as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. While his career has been off to a rocky start, he has shown plenty in two years, including one of the biggest wins in playoff history against the Chargers on Saturday night. Jason Fitz can’t believe that’s not enough to impress Keyshawn Johnson.

ESPN Radio’s morning man ranked the eight quarterbacks left in the NFL playoffs and Lawrence was dead last.

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“Trevor Lawrence at eight? I know Keyshawn Johnson is in California, but I want to celebrate with Key, because obviously he had a little party before this show, Harry,” Jason Fitz told his partner on Tuesday’s edition of Fitz & Harry. “Trevor is gone. Lawrence is gone. the eighth best quarterback of eight left in the playoffs after doing what he did after the first quarter of that last game.

Fitz noted that throughout the season people started calling Lawrence “Trevor Tangerines” because of the courage he continued to show even when things looked bad for him and the Jaguars. He said they should call it “Trevor Watermelons” on Saturday night.

Jason Fitz admitted it would be hard to rank anyone ahead of Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow and Jalen Hurts in Keyshawn Johnson’s top four. But Fitz doesn’t think it’s a matter of respecting Lawrence as the number eight, behind Brock Purdy, who started the season as the 49ers third-string quarterback, instead of the number seven.

“Given the body of work and the way Trevor Lawrence has played since week nine, you wouldn’t be hard-pressed to put Daniel Jones under Trevor Lawrence.”

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“I think there’s a small element that speaks to our perception of different institutions. I say — four interceptions or not — this is the analogy I’ll continue to make this week: If Trevor Lawrence has a rebound game with the star on his helmet as a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, the conversation today would be ‘Well, you can’t hold it the whole game’.

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