Conservative Talk Radio Stations List

Conservative Talk Radio Stations List – Jeff Allen has a square jaw, a bright voice and the swagger of a competitor. “Obviously our idea is a good idea,” he said, sitting in a nearly empty set of offices and studios at NewsTalkSTL 101.9 FM, which recently opened a storefront. near Union Station. “Everyone is rushing to fill the gap that appears to be the market.”

By “market” I mean conservative talk radio in St. Louis, and when he says that there is a “fool” he is talking about bad things. For years there was only one conservative FM talk option in St. Louis, long-time operator of KFTK 97.1, which is now owned by Audacy. Then, in July, Allen and his business partner Joe Rush launched their competing site. A month later, iHeart Radio joined their own 104.9 The Patriot station. That same month, RealTalk’s fourth location arrived west of St. Louis County and can now be heard locally at 100.7.

Conservative Talk Radio Stations List

When I ask Allen what is driving this influx of marketers, I expect him to point to a rise in audience demand fueled by fear and loathing. in the Democratic administration of the White House and Congress. But Allen says a different story is that the business sector is connected and that it is a sector that shows conflicting views of “true conservatism.”

A Conundrum For Conservative Talk Radio

Twenty years ago, Allen himself worked for KFTK. At first, he and his colleagues envisioned it as a “women’s talk” (hence the “W” and “T”) and hosted mentoring programs for Joy Brown and Laura Schlessinger. But then—and by “crazy luck,” Allen says, the controversial personality Rush Limbaugh had enough access to the AM to inspire Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingram to new picture. KFTK began building on this content while moving to the right, promoting local talent like Dana Lesh and Dave Glover along the way. According to host Steve Moore, KFTK is still going strong and 2020 is one of the brightest.

However, Allen felt a clear path. Driven by a corporate change, she teamed up with other KFTK women to challenge their former employer, who they felt was too commercialized and manual. Thus, NewsTalkSTL was born. As of October, both stations had local talent on the air about 78 percent of the time from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. (This is what sets them apart from The Patriot, which was created by another KFTK alumnus, John Beck, and which, in addition to the Jamie Allman morning show, is proudly filled with iHeart syndicated stars country like Hannity.) But Allen.

Trying to brand themselves as the guys who brought conservative FM radio to town in the first place. Their slogan is “Welcome home!”

This slogan decorates a banner in the front and is visible from the room where the afternoon show is taking place. Standing at the microphone in a powder blue shirt, host Tim Jones, a former speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives, criticized what he saw as the rejection by the Democrats are values ​​of workers. His colleague, Chris Arps, a regular reporter for Newsmax, agreed, adding that Democrats have reached out to “transgender people,” “Hispanics” and “people who feel oppressed and discriminated against” because of the party. can no longer be relied upon. blue collar workers. union workers. “So I think that’s the way they went

Where Will Rush Limbaugh’s 15 Million Listeners Go Now?

Surprisingly, the rearrangement in the right direction helps to explain why this place has its enemies. According to the book, since the 90s.

Brian Rosenwald, a fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, Limbaugh and his representatives created a desire among conservatives to have a candidate who would attack the left. The ground has softened for a pugnacious Trump presidency.

But Trump, on the other hand, showed tolerance (and sometimes enthusiasm) for people who were previously excluded by the coalition, namely populists and the right. As a result, the term “conservative” is highly controversial these days, and talk radio has responded by filling different bands.

We’re on the right side,” said Tracy. Ellis paid their own real estate fee to KFTK, but left when management reminded them not to get involved in politics – like Trump’s claims in 2020, which Tracy believes will should be paid attention to. (Trump has filed more than 60 such lawsuits in courts across the country, but almost all of them have failed.)

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At one point, the Ellises considered working with Allen and Rush on NewsTalk, but ultimately decided against it and opened their own studio in Chesterfield. While both sides try to avoid criticism of each other, Rush said that RealTalk seems to be in the “black helicopter” and “massive conspiracy” line. Ellis disputes this statement and finds it “strange” that NewsTalk wants to be (and pay taxes) in a heavily Democratic city that “obviously doesn’t support their message”. He does not agree with their view of conservatism, but says he has not listened to their presentation.

The NewsTalk hosts don’t share the same traditional beliefs, but Allen says they were all hired for the same reason: they’re good news. “You can be informative, direct and teachable,” he said, “but if you don’t entertain, no one will listen.”

Inside the room, the atmosphere softens as the subject changes to the return of a female Marine from Wentzville, who was killed while deployed from Afghanistan. In a low voice, Jones recounted how a soldier from Eureka (where Jones lives) was killed in Iraq and how a storm of support came back to his family. Jones predicts a similar scenario in Wentzville. Then he perked up and made another guest appearance, ending with “Everything’s right here on NewsTalkSTL.” next to

Phillips is a senior director at St. Louis Magazine. Like this story? Want to share another review? Send Phillips an email at nphillips@. President Trump’s supporters gathered at all four corners of University Boulevard and Highlands Ranch Parkway on Election night, November 3, 2020, waving flags and playing music. (John Leiba, special for the Colorado Sun)

Radio Stations In Gta Iv And Episodes From Liberty City

Listeners to KVOR radio (7:40) in Colorado Springs probably aren’t hearing much swearing about the election process or the call for re-election. chaos

Cumulus Media, a talk radio company that includes prominent right-wing personalities including Dan Bongino, Mark Levine and Ben Shapiro, has directed its employees to 416 stations across the country, including CCRF , to turn off the “stealing option” dog whistle.

As the world witnessed the crowd of Trump supporters attacking the House of Congress on January 6, Brian Philips, executive vice president of Cumulus, issued a staff statement: “We need help to bring the peace of the country now,” he began. .

“Cumulus and Westwood One (the company’s joint venture) will not accept any suggestion that the election has not been completed,” the statement said. “The election is done, no ‘methods’ will be accepted. Please tell your headquarters that WE DO NOT APPROPRIATE for any plan or else… Nothing to say. nonsense about “stolen elections”, “civil wars” or anything else. Language that suggests civil disobedience is often justified.”

Siriusxm Patriot: Conservative Talk Radio

The memorial was first reported by Inside Music Media, which titled the Cumulus crackdown “The Day Talk Radio Died”. According to the publication, “Some of the employees found the sudden change of direction so difficult that it was properly ordered something that the on-air talent could not discuss on the air about enough or decades of tolerating, if not encouraging, political arguments to increase the symptoms.” Some workers questioned why the organization took so long to silence those who called for action, even if it was not a riot.”

Other mainstream radio stations, including Salem Media’s KNUS 710 AM and iHeartMedia’s KOA 850 AM in Denver, have been less public and less focused on suppressing the language of the hosts, in some cases simply telling them to refrain from encouraging listeners to gather for rallies or. assembly, protest.

Conservative talk radio has become a major source of unfounded speculation about election fraud. Levin, who also hosts the Fox News show, said the Constitution is being “destroyed” by Democrats and the media. He supported President Donald Trump’s claims of election fraud and, a day before the violence, called the general election to confirm Joe Biden as president an act of “tyranny. “

Rush Limbaugh, a prominent supporter of Trump’s baseless claim that the election was “stolen”, has been the rage of the right since the late 1980s. However, the Rush Limbaugh Show, which aired on KVOR but was syndicated by another company, Premiere Networks, is not subject to the Cumulus directive.

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On Tuesday, Limbaugh’s show continued to bash Trump and the left. Host Ken Matthews told listeners that the fences built around the US Capitol after the terrorist attack “have a socialist, very communist look. The AOC should be happy.” ,” he said, referring to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a liberal Democrat from New York.

Industry watchers see Cumulus taking a beating in the advertising campaign to satisfy advertisers’ concerns about linking to programs that may incite violence, or to prevent any legal interference.

The reason for the crisis is “a combination of corporate advertising from the fear of losing advertisers and a sense of responsibility that this (the revolution) has gone too far,

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