List Of Campus Radio Stations In The United States

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KRBX Radio Boise is volunteering for the 2013 Spring Radiothon; Direct community support is very important for local media.

List Of Campus Radio Stations In The United States

Community Radio is a radio service that offers a third model in addition to commercial and public broadcasting. Community stations serve geographic communities and communities of interest. They distribute content that is popular and relevant to a specific local audience, but is often ignored by mass media (or) commercials. Community radio stations are managed, owned and influenced by the communities they serve. They are usually non-profit and provide a mechanism for individuals, groups and communities to tell their stories, share experiences and, in a media-rich world, become media creators and collaborators.

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In many parts of the world, community radio is a partnership between the community and the voluntary sector, civil society, agencies, NGOs and citizens for community development purposes, other than broadcasting. In many countries, such as France, Argentina, South Africa, Australia and Ireland, community radio is legally defined (as a separate broadcasting sector). Most of the law includes phrases such as “social status”, “social objectives” and “social benefits” in the definition. Community radio has developed differently in different countries, and the term has somewhat different meanings in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Canada and Australia, where free speech laws and de facto realities differ.

Modern community radio stations offer their listings by offering a variety of content that large commercial radio stations do not. Community radio stations can produce news and information programs targeted at the local area (especially immigrant or minority groups served by the mainstream media). Special music programs are also often featured on many community radio stations. Community stations and pirates (in supported areas) can be valuable assets to a region. Community radio often avoids the competition found in commercial media, such as top 40 music, sports and driving personalities. The meme members of the movement use is that community radio should be 10 percent radio and 90 percent community. This means that community radio stations should focus on community discourse and not just radio (it is a technological process); The social concerns of community radio are embedded in the radio itself. There is also a difference between the main stations, which focus on commercial concerns or the personalities of the players.

Communities are complex entities, and what constitutes a “community” in community radio is a matter of debate, varying from country to country. Instead of “Community”, terms such as “alternative”, “radical” or “citizen” were broadcast. In sociology, “community” is defined as a group that lives in a common place.

Community radio is built around the ideals of access and participation. Stations are run by residents, usually to serve local listeners. However, the availability and popularity of the Internet has encouraged many podcasts and/or audio stations to publish and make them available worldwide.

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There are two philosophical approaches to community radio, although the models are not mutually exclusive. One emphasizes service and community focus, focusing on what the station can do for the community. Another importance is on joining and participating in the list.

Locality is valued in the service model; Community radio, as a third level, can provide information that is specific to a local community or more specific to a larger operation. However, at times, providing syndicated services that are not already available in the station’s service area is seen as a public service. For example, in the United States, many stations share content (like Democracy Now!) with groups like Radio Pacifica because it provides content that is not otherwise available (due to a lack of programming for advertisers and, in the case of Pacifica , politically. the nature of the conflict).

In the access (or participation) model, the participation of community members in the production of content is seen as a good in itself. Although this model does not necessarily exclude the service approach, there are some differences between the two.

Community Broadcasting is Australia’s third media sector, officially regulated by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA). As of January 2012, there were 359 licensed community radio stations (including indigo remote services).

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A 2002 report found that 20,000 Australians (or 0.1% of the population) volunteered in the community radio sector, with volunteers accounting for more than $145 million in unpaid work each year.

Nationally, more than 7 million Australians (or 45% over the age of 15) tune in to community radio every month.

The role of community broadcasting in Australia, according to the CBAA, is to provide a range of services that meet the needs of the community in ways that other sectors do not. Community broadcasting is committed to the principles of access and participation, voluntarism, diversity, independence and indigenization.

Community radio stations can be specialist music stations, representing local music and the arts, or broadcasting discussion and issues programmes, representing Australian Indigo, environmentalism, feminists or gay and lesbian (the perceived gaps in the continuum of commercial or government radio fill out). 53 percent of community radio stations serve a wide range of communities, including indigenous and ethnic groups, people with print disabilities, youth, seniors, fine arts/music, religious, and gay and lesbian. The rest of the stations offer a service that can be considered general: a response to the interests of communities in some areas, but also to professional interests.

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Community broadcasting, more than any other media in Australia, shapes and reflects the national character in all its diversity. The sector is unique in its ability to provide new programs for the Indigo, ethnic and RPH communities. Community radio stations have a strong commitment to providing local news and information, promoting local and national music, arts and culture, and media skills training.

When a not-for-profit community group applies to the regulatory body (Australian Communications and Media Authority) for a community broadcasting licence, it specifies the community interest it wishes to serve. Licensees are selected by the agency based on the suitability and merit of the license application and their ability to serve identified community interests. When a five-year renewable license is issued, each station must continue to serve the community interest for which the license was issued. The Broadcasting Services Act mandates continuous pressure on the interest community and requires that the interest community be encouraged to participate in the provision and selection of programs as a basic condition of licence. The Interim Community Radio Licenses Act allows, while spectrum becomes available, interested community groups to develop their facilities and financing and programming models before the agency considers seeking a permanent license.

In Austria, community radio was launched in the 1990s through a pirate radio movement. Regular licensed editions began in 1998. Advertising is not allowed, so the stations operate primarily as non-profit civic organizations. There are 14 social radio stations in the country.

Bangladesh NGO Network for Radio and Broadcasting (BNNRC) has been fighting for the development of community media (including Community Radio, Community Television and Community Cinema) for 12 years, emphasizing its important role as a voice for the voices. . BNNRC has been addressing the issue of access to community radio and television for over a decade, almost since its inception in 2000.

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BNNRC has a special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Since its inception in 2000, BNNRC has been advocating for community radio with other organizations.

BNNRC’s Community Radio intervention aims to address social issues (such as poverty and social exclusion) at the community level, empower marginalized rural groups and foster democratic processes and sustainable development efforts.

Momt, a positive and supportive situation prevails in us. To the; The Government of Bangladesh has already recognized the importance of community radio and has announced a Policy on Establishment, Broadcasting and Operation of Community Radios. Bangladesh is the second country in South Asia to develop policies for Community Radio. Currently, there are 14 community radio stations in the country with the aim of strengthening the rural community and ensuring their right to information about their broadcasting. They broadcast 120 hours a day of programs on information, education, local entertainment and motivational activities for development. About 536 young men and women are working with these stations throughout the country as field broadcasters.

The main role of community radio is to give voice to those who access the mainstream media to express their views on community development. Promoting the right to communicate, accelerating the process of informing society, supporting the free flow of information and acting as a catalyst for change are key tasks.

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