List Of Radio Stations Owned By Cumulus Media

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List Of Radio Stations Owned By Cumulus Media

The company that owns hundreds of talk radio stations has threatened to fire hosts amid suggestions the 2020 election was rigged

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Former Emmis Communications employee Charlie Morgan (R) and Cumulus Media Inc President and CEO Mary Berner (L) speak on stage during day two of CRS 2018 on February 6, 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee. Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CRS

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Cumulus Media, the company behind hundreds of talk radio stations across the country, has issued a directive to its on-air personalities telling them to stop suggesting the 2020 election was rigged or face termination, Washington reported Post and Inside Music Media.

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As Trump supporters stormed the U.S. capital on Wednesday, Brian Phillips, Cumulus’ executive vice president of content, told employees in an internal memo that “we need to help create national calm NOW,” according to the Washington Post.

The memo reportedly went on to say that Cumulus and its syndication arm Westwood One “will not tolerate any suggestion that the election is not over. The election has been decided and there are no alternative acceptable ‘ways.'” Any violation of the policy will result in termination, the memo said.

The memo is part of a broader effort companies are taking across the country in response to last week’s unrest at the Capitol. Right-wing social media Parler has gone dark after Amazon pulled it from its web hosting services. Google and Apple banned the app from their stores. Twitter has permanently banned access to President Donald Trump’s account on the site, citing the potential for further violence. And Facebook banned the president until the end of his term.

Mark Levin is one of the right-wing talk show hosts on Cumulus Media who has promoted baseless claims of election fraud.

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On Tuesday’s show, ahead of Biden’s election certification, Levin said, “Do you think the writers of the Constitution and the writers of the 12th Amendment sat there and said, you know what, Congress has no choice but to count voters? even though there fraud.’

In another episode following the deadly storming of the Capitol last week, Levin condemned the violence. He went on to say that he and the other 74 million Trump voters were not part of a violent group, and he questioned who caused the violence, even though evidence suggests Trump supporters rioted at the Capitol.

Cumulus Media carries local programming on 416 owned and operated stations in 86 markets and 8,000 affiliated stations through Westwood One, according to its website. Popular right-wing host Rush Limbaugh is heard on many Cumulus-owned stations but is syndicated by another company and is not covered by the memorandum, according to the Washington Post. NEW YORK, May 24, 2021 // –CUMULUS MEDIA(NASDAQ: CMLS) is today rebranding WFAS-AM as AM1230Digital: New Talk for New York, an all-digital station. AM1230Digital is the first digital AM station broadcasting in the New York metropolitan area, the largest DMA.

AM1230Digital is programmed by CUMULUS MEDIA’s Westwood One and features weekday news talk and weekend sports talk. With today’s launch of The Dan Bongino Show Live from 12pm to 3pm. ET, AM1230Digital offers 24/7 talk, Monday through Friday. CBS Sports Radio gives Saturday and Sunday sports lectures. The full program can be seen below.

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The HD radio signal provides improved sound quality and clear reception for an extended listening area. The new digital signal now extends beyond Westchester County, New York and into the greater New York City area (Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan), the North Shore of Long Island, northern New Jersey, and Fairfield County, Connecticut . Listeners can access the AM1230Digital signal through the HD Radio receiver available in most new car models, or via online streaming, mobile app or smart speaker. More information about HD Radio and HD radio receivers can be found here.

The shift to digital TV also allows brands and advertising partners to target highly educated news and talk fans in the heart of the largest concentration of affluent adults in the United States.

“CUMULUS MEDIA is committed to innovation that improves audio quality for our listeners,” said Dave Milner, Executive Vice President of Operations at CUMULUS MEDIA. “The transition to all-digital AM will greatly expand our listening area with crystal clear sound, allowing more listeners to hear our premium news and sports programming, including the Dan Bongino Show.”

“CUMULUS MEDIA has been a longtime supporter of HD Radio and is part of the pioneering broadcasters that have led the US radio industry’s digital transition,” said Joe D’Angelo, senior vice president of Broadcast Radio, XPeri. “We are pleased to see Cumulus continue this role as an industry leader in converting its AM NY WFAS property to all digital HD radio under the AM1230Digital brand. The technology is sure to delight listeners and advertisers alike. This is another step in ensure the safety of radio broadcasts on the dashboards of modern cars.”

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CUMULUS MEDIA (NASDAQ: CMLS) is a leading audio-first media and entertainment company, delivering premium content to more than a quarter of a billion people every month – where and when they want it. CUMULUS MEDIA engages listeners with high-quality local programming through 415 owned and operated stations in 86 markets; delivers nationally syndicated sports, news, talk and entertainment programming from major brands including the NFL, NCAA, Masters, CNN, AP, Academy of Country Music Awards and many other world-class partners in nearly 7,300 countries. affiliate stations through Westwood One, America’s largest audio network; and inspires listeners with a rapidly growing network of original podcasts that are smart, entertaining and thought-provoking. CUMULUS MEDIA provides advertisers with personal connections, local influence and national reach through broadcast and on-demand digital, mobile, social and voice platforms, as well as integrated digital marketing services, powerful influencers, a full range of audio solutions, industry-leading research and insights and the live event experience . CUMULUS MEDIA is the only audio media company that provides marketers with local and national advertising guarantees. For more information, visit Welcome to the 7th Annual BSM Top 20. To kick off this year’s series, we’re highlighting the top 20 national sports radio shows of 2021. These shows have the biggest reach. in America, distributed by the largest networks in the industry and broadcast on hundreds of radio stations, as well as on various digital and television channels.

As you review this year’s selection, remember that the results represent the aggregate opinion of 46 industry leaders. Your truth doesn’t add up. I would like to thank Stephanie Eads, Dylan Barrett and Demetri Ravanos for their help with the Top 20 process and Point to Point for being our exclusive sponsor of this year’s Top 20. Tim Bronsil and his staff are a valuable resource to many in the media industry, and if you are not familiar with their work, you should take the time to learn more. This can be done by clicking here.

#1 – These results are based on 2021 numbers. The changes in 2022 have nothing to do with it. This is why I like the show

, who joined the CBS Sports Radio lineup in January, is not eligible until next year. Our only rule since the launch of this series in 2016 is that the show must finish the year on air and in the time slot for which it is being considered.

Cumulus Media Launches First All Digital Am Station In New York Metropolitan Area

#2 – Our executive board consists of program directors and business executives from a number of leading broadcasters, including Audacy, iHeart, Cumulus, Beasley, Hubbard, Good Karma Brands, ESPN Radio, FOX Sports Radio, SiriusXM, Spotify, as well as independent and managed radio stations. We involve a large number of people to get feedback from across the country and avoid a strong dominance by one company.

#3 – A total of 84 shows were accepted for consideration in the National Sports Radio Show category.

#4 – An executive panel selected the top 20 shows based on several factors; ear test, originality, ability to entertain, multi-platform effect, on-air chemistry and ratings success. Remember that voters live in different cities, have different tastes and value some factors more than others. It’s not a perfect science, but it’s the best system we could come up with to show how the sports radio think tank sees the best in the format.

And that brings us to this year’s national sports radio program rankings. For the sixth time in seven years, industry voters have named The Herd with Colin Cowherd the best national sports talk show of 2021. Colin’s show

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