How To Stream On Amazon Prime Video

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How To Stream On Amazon Prime Video

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This story is part of Amazon Prime Day, a guide to everything you need to know and how to find the best deals.

Looking to switch your current collection of streaming services, but want to keep your subscriptions in one place? Prime Video Channels could be the solution, offering access to Starz, Showtime, Paramount Plus, AMC Plus, BET Plus and more.

Instead of setting up a separate subscription, creating a new login, and downloading new shows, you can add these subscriptions to your Prime Video account.

Amazon Prime Video: Channels, Packages, Pricing, And More

Prime Video is best known for The Marvelous Mrs. It’s known for Maisel, The Boys, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan and the Lord of the Rings prequels, but it also has the largest selection of add-on channels of any other service. Premium channels range from popular channels like Starz and Showtime to favorites like PBS Masterpiece, Noggin, Shudder and PGA Tour Live.

But are these channels worth your money in the long run? How do they compare to standalone options like HBO Max? How does the selection compare to Roku and Apple TV channels? Where are other services like Netflix or Disney Plus positioned? Let’s break it down.

Before we get into the channels, it’s worth checking out what your basic Prime membership gets you. Here are the highlights.

These are just a few of the many benefits each member receives. A Prime membership, before adding any Amazon Prime Video channels, is now $139 a year.

How To Watch ‘prisma’ On Amazon: Stream It On Prime Video

Channels are optional add-ons for Prime subscribers that provide on-demand or live streaming access to the provider’s TV shows, movies and other video content for an additional monthly fee. Subscribers can access content on all compatible Prime Video devices, including the Amazon Prime Video app on smart TVs and streaming devices, Android and iOS phones and tablets, computers and Fire TV devices, and Amazon’s own Fire tablets.

5. You’ll see a button, usually a 7-day free trial or Start (if no trial version is offered). Click on it.

This is it. Once you approve the purchase, your Amazon account will typically be charged monthly for the channel, and you’ll have instant access to all of its TV shows and movies.

No. Only active Prime subscribers can add Prime channels. Amazon does not grant access to users who have already been invited to share shipping benefits with a Prime member. For details, see the Prime Video Channels section here.

How To Add Prime Video Channels

Amazon has over 100 different channels, many of which are smaller niche channels that fall into genres such as kids, British, fitness, comedy, romance, and LGBTQ. Here’s a look at some of the main ones and how much they cost.

Regular live “channels” in the cable TV sense like ABC, CBS, CNN, ESPN, Fox and others are not available as Prime Video channels. To watch them, you’ll need to subscribe to a live cable or streaming service like YouTube TV or Sling TV, which start at $35 a month.

However, Amazon offers a “Live Guide” featuring TV shows and movies arranged in a channel grid format. Some are free, no subscription required, some are unlocked by subscribing to a channel. For example, the Fixer Upper Channel is in the live guide when you subscribe to the Discovery Plus Prime Video channel. Some subscribers with Paramount Plus may also be able to watch live broadcasts from their local TV stations.

Can you subscribe to HBO Max through Prime Video channels? What about other channels like MLB.TV?

Amazon Prime Video Free Trial: Stream For 30 Days Free (2023)

In September 2021, HBO canceled all subscriptions purchased through Prime Video channels, so users no longer have the option to stream HBO content through Prime.

Surprisingly for Amazon, subscribing through channels doesn’t save money compared to subscribing to services directly. As with other channels like MLB.TV, the monthly costs for Prime channels and their standalone equivalents are the same for every service we reviewed.

The main advantage of using Prime Channels is that it provides access to content from multiple providers in one place – the Prime Video app, Fire Tablet or Fire TV. For example, instead of watching Grand Designs through the separate BritBox app, you watch it on Prime Video. Billing is also done by a central source (Amazon itself). The channels’ content is often included in Amazon’s search listings, making it easy to find on Fire TV devices or through Alexa voice search.

Some services, such as BritBox, Acorn TV and CuriosityStream, offer annual discounts not available through Prime channels. For example, the BritBox channel costs $7 a month as a Prime channel through its standalone app, but a standalone subscription is available for $70 a year, which is $5.83 a month. With the exception of MLB.TV, almost all Prime Video channels are monthly subscription only.

The Best Movies On Amazon Prime Video

Sorry, no, none of these standalone services are available as an Amazon channel yet. To view content from those services, you must use their separate applications.

Because Amazon gives you more. PBS has several channels, such as PBS Kids and PBS Masterpiece ($5 and $6 per month, respectively), which include original Amazon Prime subscriptions and content that is also available for free elsewhere, including separate PBS Kids and PBS shows. PBS Prime channels usually have a larger selection and more current episodes than free options.

As Amazon’s channels become popular, other streaming providers follow suit. The Apple TV app offers channels in a very similar way to Amazon, albeit with fewer choices. And Roku has its own premium Roku channel subscription system, which is similar to both, but again with a smaller selection of add-on channels than Amazon. Amazon Prime Video stakes its claim with an extensive content library and a strong lineup of original programming. One of the top streaming services out there, but before you decide to commit to a subscription, you need to know exactly what you can get with Prime Video.

What types of packages are available and how much do they cost? More importantly, can you add other Amazon Prime channels to your subscription? This post will give you complete information about channels, packages and prices for Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video Review

Amazon Prime Video is an over-the-air (OTT) service that gives you access to video-on-demand (VOD) content with a monthly or annual subscription. With this subscription, you can watch thousands of titles at no extra charge on any compatible device.

In addition to free Prime Video titles, Amazon lets you buy or rent select titles to watch on Prime Video. And you can add top 100+ channels to your subscription for more content.

Amazon Prime Video is free for Prime members, and is available as a standalone service for non-members. This standalone subscription for non-members gives you access to Prime Video content and channels, but none of the other shopping benefits that come with an Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon Prime Video has a large selection of channels from third-party providers, some of which even offer live TV shows in addition to on-demand content. And they usually set you back between $2.99 ​​per month. and $14.99 per month. In addition to your Prime Video subscription fee.

Amazon Prime Video For Android Tv Won’t Be Widely Available Anytime Soon

These Prime Video channels give you the perfect solution to explore more content based on your specific interests as you can choose from a wide range of categories. In addition to entertainment and kids and family programming, you get sports and outdoor channels as well as health and wellness content.

You may be familiar with Paramount+, formerly known as CBS All Access. Although the channel has been rebranded, it still offers access to a wide range of popular and iconic TV shows, including yours.

Paramount+ is home to major motion picture releases weeks after they hit theaters. Like videos on this platform

They are available 35-45 days after they hit the big screen, so you don’t have to wait too long to watch it at home.

How To Watch 4k Movies On Amazon Prime

In addition to this collection of on-demand content, the channel also brings you live news and sports programming. So you can watch through news updates

Live telecast of sporting events like Women’s National Championships

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