List Of Pacifica Radio Stations And Affiliates

List Of Pacifica Radio Stations And Affiliates – Popular actor and Pacifica supporter Danny Glover has urged Pacifica members not to change the bylaws to remove representation of paid and unpaid employees on the Pacifica board. This shift to corporatization would lead to an NPR operation with appointed boards of directors and would partially eliminate democratic governance of Pacifica’s programming production team.

Some people at KPFA and KPFK somehow believe they will get away with it or prosper if the revised Bylaws are passed and the WBAI is sold. But it won’t stop in NY – there are the same intersections at stations in California too!

List Of Pacifica Radio Stations And Affiliates

A mixed “democratic” group of “diverse” and “grassroots” LOSERS from prison justice, immigrant rights, LGBT, labour, Black Lives Matter, women, environmentalists, indigenous and anti-capitalists? (Here… listen to this crowd.

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A small elite group of self-selected, rational professionals who are not afraid to cut local councils, cut voting rights, jobs, sales positions, whatever is NEEDED to balance the checkbook!

*If you look closely at the banner on our RestealingPacifica website, you will see that we have released a photo of a Black Lives Matter poster, it says

The Pacifica Foundation will send you a card or ballot asking you to vote for or against an initiative to reform the current bylaws.

This initiative is being driven by a more corporate model for the web by a small group of people.

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The main thrust of their argument is an alleged dysfunction in Pacifica, the National Board of Directors, elected by the Station’s five Local Councils, which are elected by secret ballot by patrons and officials.

They don’t say that endless fundraisers, shopping channel-style programming, no prizes, and irrelevant shows are local management decisions, not board impositions.

The “reformers” say that the new statutes and the new National Directorate will bring more professionalism and more success in the radios.

Recall that in 2004, the Air America network was launched with a “more professional team”, with a series of problems out of the air: the charity loan scandal, contractual disputes with affiliates and employees, constant changes of ownership and management and a bankruptcy in 2006 .

Tell The Pacifica National Board To Stop Messing With Democracy In Pacifica!

And a few years earlier, the Central Intelligence Agency had promoted around the world and here the so-called “Healthy Station Project,” a model that sought more government and private sector funding and less community and activist contributions to non-commercial radio stations. 🇧🇷

So the Pacifica Foundation fell under this magical spell, turning it into a battleground, and four lawsuits and seven years of infighting left the network with over five million dollars in debt.

The current “state reform” initiative, if passed, would destroy anything but internal democracy and transparency, leaving its workers, paid and volunteers, as well as private patrons to influence policy, as in the classroom. and racial considerations in programming.

Simply say NO to the proposed plan for “State Reform” and let’s unite in a broad national coalition to save the Pacifica Foundation for true participatory democracy.

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Pacifica Radio is currently experiencing declining numbers among its listeners, and some of its senior local radio station leaders are shirking their responsibilities, playing the blame game instead of revising an already outdated market reading, trying to apply a solution. fast. bylaws reform initiative.

There is no serious debate or discussion because every radio station in the country has suffered heavy losses. Some have lost their audience to the Internet (both computers and cell phones), but others rely on insurance and direct business financing.

Pacifica Radio continues to apply what many believe has worked for the past two decades, so why change? Wordy fundraisers, repetitive proposals, about five or ten years, non-payment of premiums on time, employees who don’t answer the phones when people are calling, insult listeners by sending their engagement calls to lands far from the call center. they will stop forever and disrespect large numbers of their listeners by removing their favorite shows without warning, apology or explanation.

While most of these decisions are made at the level of paid local administrative staff, their responses always point to a misguided, confused and dysfunctional local or national board.

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Now, a former KPFA producer turned judge while a friend of the Berkeley station is helping to promote a Berkeley-based charter initiative using the same arguments used by the CIA in the movement to democratize the network. Since the 80s, the third world project called the healthy station.

The arguments call for “real professionals” across the web, completely ignoring Air America and other failed experiments in US media that were done by professionals!

It could be argued that progressive media can come together in a collaborative venture, an enduring marriage, rather than individual projects. Say… the party convention before the election. Say… the Women’s March… the political economy of immigration? The pros and cons of climate change, etc.

Instead, the Berkeley-based initiative calls for less democracy, less transparency, less horizontalism and more corporatism endorsed by the Democratic Party in 1994.

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So-called radio professionals are calling for the removal of the boards of directors of the five local stations, the destruction of the national board of directors and its replacement with a corporate model board and a CEO they insist on calling the executive director.

They are also asking for the appointment of a national director for each channel and six of their friends and political allies with no input from subscribers or listening staff!

It is a good time to ask ourselves, what is radio Pacifica and what is it for? Is it a social club? Educators and revolutionaries? An extension of the ruling class? An arm of the military industrial complex? ….or university for all?

Given the state of the world, drunk, polluted, suffering from the terminal illness of press titles for sale and public servants, even approved by the Supreme Court, one would think, and rightly so, that this is the time to locate media players . on the world stage and turn to some of them willing to give mutual support, their journalists, researchers, to use their talents and offer ours.

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It is about drawing a geopolitical map of the US, locating oligarchs, power groups, ethnic groups, the needs of the people and current trends in public opinion, in order to design radio programming relevant to the nation.

This is the time for all Pacifica broadcasters and their radio allies and affiliates to participate in a series of national productions aimed at diagnosing problems, consulting with local communities and presenting solutions, directed circularly from the top of the pyramid to leadership. and the horizontal media model.

Download this jpg file and use it to make a quarter page that you can distribute if you live in the KPFK area.

As a member of KPFK, you will receive your ballot soon (probably by email) – mid-February

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Article 4, Section 3. QUORUM FOR VOTES The quorum for any deliberation of the members shall be 5% of the members, or 5% of the members associated with that station.

(The quorum in the current Bylaws is 10%. The proposed Bylaws make it much easier to sell a major Pacific asset such as a building, or sell or trade a radio station license, as the voting threshold is much lower).

ARTICLE X… Once these statutes are approved, the Local Station Assemblies authorized in the previous Regulation will be extinguished…

SAW. BOARD OF DIRECTORS ARTICLE Section 1. NUMBER OF DIRECTORS There shall be eleven (11) Directors, including five (5) Deputy Station Directors and six (6) General Directors.

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Give greater power and control to At-Large (appointed) directors, because directors elected by station members cannot be the Chairman of the Board or the Treasurer.

ARTICLE V… III above. As defined in Article 1.B, there is no employee who will be entitled to the service, neither station nor Foundation employee, nor any person who helps organize or produce a program broadcast regularly on Pacifica radios. On the Foundation Board of Trustees, as At-Large or Station Director Representative.

Change statutes more easily, open the door to break up Pacifica, sell assets faster, etc.

XII. ARTICLE AMENDMENTS The Board of Directors may amend these Bylaws by a majority of 2/3 of the votes of all directors, at an ordinary meeting or at an extraordinary meeting, provided, however, that a summary of the amendment or amendments is delivered to each one in writing. director and will be posted on the Foundation’s website and each Pacifica radio station’s website at least thirty (30) days prior to the vote.

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I believe that proposing a Model Organization (which is what the Bylaws do) would clearly and forcefully abolish the contribution of members by the Corporation.

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