How To Stream On Roku

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You probably want to plug in your TV set, whether you’re a cord-cutter or not. Roku is a popular choice, mainly because it boosts original content.

How To Stream On Roku

Roku devices offer a lot of variety and portability, from the inexpensive Roku Express to the versatile Roku Ultra. Regardless of which one you have, there’s more to know than the basics. Here’s how to get more out of your streaming device.

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You have watchlists for all your streaming apps, which means scrolling and scrolling if you want to find something to watch. Instead, you can keep everything in one universal list with Roku. Use Roku OS to search for the shows and movies you want to watch and select “Add to Saved List” on each of them’s details page. Find the menu by going to the Roku home screen and selecting What to Watch.

Have you ever wanted to pick up a movie or show where you left off, but forgot which streaming service it was from? Just go to the Roku home screen, tap What to watch, scroll to Continue watching and it will appear there.

Video streaming services are great, but most of them are not free. The Roku Channel (opens in a new window) lets you log in and access those premium channels (including HBO Max and Netflix), but the channel also offers free access to thousands of movies and TV episodes if you can manage that. . . Roku is also adding more original content (opens in a new window). Visit The Roku Channel and scroll down to the Live TV Channel Guide for hundreds of choices. You can also watch on the Roku app whether you have a Roku device or not. Just download, log in or create an account and start streaming.

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Instead of searching each Roku channel individually to find what you’re looking for, you can search for it with Roku Search (opens in a new window). Enter your search term using the Roku remote, Roku mobile app, or voice search and you’ll see results from over 4,000 channels. Search by title, actor or director and you will get an extensive list. Similarly, use Roku Search to compare streaming content costs; enter a movie, show or star for a list of available titles and prices for all channels and services.

Roku Zones (opens in a new window) Collections of movies and shows from different channels, organized by genre or topic. Go to search, type in a search term like “comedy” and scroll through the bar that appears. Last year, Roku added Live TV Zone (opens in a new window) for quick access to live TV streaming services such as Hulu, fuboTV, Philo, Sling, and YouTube TV, to name a few for:

Not all available Roku channels are listed in the Roku Channel Store. Check out the Roku guide to find and add personal channels not listed in the channel guide (opens in a new window). Click on the desired link, select Add Channel and you will be taken to the Roku account page. Log in, add the channel code and you’re good to go.

As great a device Roku is, navigating the remote control could be a better experience. To get around this, download the Roku Official Remote Control app (iOS (opens in new window), Android (opens in new window)) and enjoy the benefits of a keyboard, easy search and streaming from your phone or tablets. .

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So you can always talk directly to your Roku using a Roku Voice Remote Pro, Voice Remote, or the Roku mobile app. On remotes, click and hold the microphone icon while making your request. In the app, select the magnifying glass to go to the search page, then tap and release the microphone, say your request, and tap the center of the screen.

If you have an Amazon Echo and a Roku, ask Alexa to control your Roku (opens in a new window). First you need to link the two accounts by opening the Alexa mobile app, selecting Skills & Games and searching for Roku. Once you’ve found it, tap Connect to Use, log into your Roku account, and select the Roku device you want to connect to (or Select All if you have more than one).

Close your Roku account and Alexa will search for the device on the Device Discovery screen. Once it’s found, tap Manage, connect your devices, and select the Roku you want to connect to Alexa. Then add the Roku to the group by selecting the Devices icon. Add it to an existing group or create a new one by clicking the plus button. In the Alexa app, tap the Roku device and make sure it’s turned on. Then you can use commands like “Alexa, open Netflix on the Roku in the living room.”

You can also use Google Assistant to make voice requests. First, check if your Roku player is running Roku OS 9.0 or later, or if your Roku TV is running Roku OS 8.2 or later. Set up your Google Assistant on your Google device or app. Open the Google Assistant mobile app, tap Explore > Settings > Home Controls > Add Device > Search > Roku. Log into your Roku account and choose which device you want to control with Google Assistant.

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The Roku remote easily gets lost under couch cushions and coffee tables. If you’ve spent too much time searching, we have some solutions.

To change the sound your Roku remote makes when you lose it, open the Roku app on your TV and go to Settings > Remote > Change remote search sound. Click Preview Remote Finder Sound to hear how it sounds.

For iPhone and iPad owners: Roku devices support AirPlay and HomeKit, so you can send videos, photos, and music from your device to your TV and supported speakers. Set it up in the Roku menu by going to Settings > Apple AirPlay & HomeKit > Enable Apple AirPlay & HomeKit Setup. A QR code appears. Scan it with your iPhone or iPad camera and follow the instructions on your Apple device to complete the installation. Meanwhile, HomeKit lets you control your Roku with Siri and the Apple Home app (“Hey Siri, play jazz on the living room TV”).

Your Roku and iPhone can work together, with Siri acting as a translator. The Roku iOS app (opens in a new window) has Siri shortcuts that let you control your Roku with your voice. Open the app on your phone, tap the account icon in the top right corner and select Siri Shortcuts. You can enable the ability to open the Roku remote, play or pause Roku, search for Roku, and toggle Roku on and off for certain models. Click each option to save the suggested phrase or create your own commands.

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With AirPlay enabled, you can mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to Roku through the Control Center, although most Roku devices (opens in new window) also support screen mirroring on Android and Windows from devices. To enable it, press the Home button on your Roku remote, then go to Settings > System > Screen Mirroring. You have the option to select “Prompt” or “Always Allow”.

If you prefer Google’s Cast technology, you can send music, videos, and photos from mobile devices to most Roku-connected devices, as long as they’re both connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Open the content you want to share on the device and look for the broadcast icon. Click on it and you should see all available Roku devices appear in the list.

How many times have you fallen asleep on a show only to be woken up by a commercial? On most Roku models (opens in a new window), you can enable Leveling so that changing commercials or channels doesn’t increase the volume. With the night mode you can also choose to amplify soft sounds and reduce loud sounds.

Enable the feature in Settings if you have a Streambar or Smart Soundbar (opens in a new window) or if you stream to other Roku devices. For Streambars and Soundbars, press the Home button on the remote and go to Settings > Audio > Sound modes. For other devices, press the star button on the remote and navigate to Sound settings > Sound mode.

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When you want to watch something

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