List Of Radio Stations Owned By Townsquare Media

List Of Radio Stations Owned By Townsquare Media – Say what you will about the 24/7 news cycle, but the media’s appetite for content is a golden market for digital PR and link building. Good content spreads like wildfire, flooding local newspaper websites with syndicated links to high-profile television and radio stations.

But now we want to explore more local news topics. With three former journalists on our staff, we like to focus on how the media market works. Additionally, it provides some additional context behind media acquisitions that have made content sharing common in local news.

List Of Radio Stations Owned By Townsquare Media

Local media consists of local television stations, radio stations, and newspapers. There are a lot of hyper-local digital publications out there, but that’s not going to happen anymore.

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While newsrooms are structured differently, the mission is the same. Each aims to provide relevant information to a geographically specific audience.

For television and radio stations, the audience is defined by the range of the broadcast signal. For newspapers, audience is defined by the extent of circulation.

They both overlap and share a large portion of the same audience, especially in larger communities. But often, newspapers can be more local.

A television station’s audience is determined by its designated market area (DMA). DMA is based on the size of the population and the physical range of the broadcast signal.

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Broadcast signal limitations may turn on the TV to watch the local evening news. And that’s just the driver

The larger the population in that radius, the “higher” the DMA, and the more expensive the media space. For example, New York City is the #1 DMA with a potential audience of 6.8 million. Meanwhile, smaller cities like Glendale, Montana DMA #210, with a potential audience of 3,600 people.

A combined 210 market territories in the US reach a total of 107 million TV households. From an SEO perspective, digital media platforms in major cities carry a higher Domain Authority (DA). A digital niche in a large market, means a large transfer of authority to your site with each link.

DMA. For example, although Chicago has the third largest DMA in the country, it has only one TV station per network.

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The geographic boundaries of the broadcasting market area are not defined by the newspaper audience. In fact, they do

Local focus. We often see multiple newspapers in a market area, serving specific cities and communities and smaller audiences.

In Chicago, there are more than 220 newspapers serving the greater Chicagoland area, compared to only five broadcast television stations.

More diverse stories are included. However, the majority of Chicago’s 200+ newspapers cover stories specific to a suburb, a city, or a community. Smaller audience, narrower content focus.

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The news industry has evolved to accommodate the constant demand for information in large businesses. Over the past few decades, companies have sold, merged and acquired local media, creating national conglomerates.

In 2018, 25 companies own a third of national newspapers. 34 ownership groups control 1,400+ local television stations. Twenty-eight owner groups control most of the country’s local radio stations.

Owners promote and facilitate the sharing of content between these media. While each individual paper or station serves its local community, ultimately, the answer lies with the parent company.

With the acquisition of New Media/Gatehouse in 2019, Gannett became the largest newspaper chain in the country. They own and operate more than 660 newspapers. This newspaper and all its digital assets are owned by Gannett/

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While independent newspapers and digital publications still exist, they are becoming rare due to mergers and acquisitions.

As the newspaper industry continues to adopt a “digital-first” structure, content sharing within ownership groups is becoming more common. Generally, stories are syndicated if they have a regional or national angle that appeals to a wider audience.

Local television stations are also increasingly owned by new media conglomerates. As of this blog post, there are just over 30 that have 1000+ full power television stations.

The stability of station owners often means the survival of local stations versus the lack of advertising. However, it is

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Media conglomerates, such as Sinclair, Nexstar Media Group, and Green Television each own more than 100 broadcast stations. Sometimes, they have multiple stations in the same DMA.

As mentioned earlier, local television stations are traditionally affiliated with one of the major broadcast networks: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and the CW. This relationship is independent of the property group.

For example, not all local ABC stations are owned by the same media group. However, organizations are usually a hodge podge of networked individuals across the country. Sometimes, these are two different network-affiliated stations in the same market (gasp).

TV network affiliates, like newspaper networks, associate local stations with major brands. The network has some features.

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And local news, in addition to ABC’s scripted series. The network connection is a clue to help viewers find where the program is going.

Local radio stations, like newspapers and television, are also taken over by large media-owning groups. In fact, radio has also appeared in the last 10 years

This is the result of the Federal Communications Commission breaking existing rules on local news ownership. This effectively allows media giants, such as iHeartMedia, to burn stations in the same market, country and region. Here are the details of the FCC’s cross-ownership rules:

The smaller the market, the higher the percentage of media conglomerates allowed to own radio stations. The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) says that in the age of streaming, radio stations must join forces to stay relevant.

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If you decide to create content with a local focus, understanding the media market reach and audience is important. This can help you generate content ideas with direct interest to your local area. You can also direct your pitches. It is important to make the content more general and seem relevant to the author’s audience.

A macro-level understanding of ownership groups provides invaluable insight into how content is shared in a rapidly changing media landscape. For more details on how to share that content, check out our other blog post on getting media coverage: Boise’s twice-annual radio market ratings ritual ended last month. And now, Nielsen Audio has the results.

In the broadest demographic, 12 and older, Impact Radio 101.9 Bell beat out all other stations to take the crown. This is a significant increase from spring 2019 – rising from 4.5 shares to 6.3 shares.

In second place is Townsquare Media 107.9 Lite FM. The station, which plays pop music aimed at adults, usually switches to Christmas music in November for the latter part of the ratings period. This is double the share of spring – from 2.7 to 6.2. The station also saw a challenge to the format for the first time, Magic 97.9 FM. The station is flat from the previous country shape.

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Third place went to KBSX, 91.5 FM – Boise State Public Radio’s NPR outlet. It also saw a strong increase, from 3.7 to 5.6.

For example, if 100,000 people listen to the radio, and the station gets a 4.5 – that means an average of 4500 people listen. The higher the number, the higher the rate the station can charge for advertising. Nielsen releases the “12+” rating publicly, but advertiser and subscriber stations can be tailored by time and demographics.

Another influential station, Wild 101 took fourth place, with a 5.2 share – the best result in two years. Stalwart news station KBOI-AM, owned by Cumulus Media, earned a 5.0. Impact’s 96.1 Bob FM also drew a 5.0.

Of the commercial radio groups in the city, Impact Radio performed by far the best. Only the local broadcaster got 24.5 shares. Second place Town Square Media was far behind at 16.0. Cumulus Media is third at 15.9. Lotus Communications, Scripps’ predecessor, has 13 market shares.

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Purchase, New, March 24, 2022 // — Townsquare Media, Inc. (NYSE: TSQ) (“Town Square,” “Company,” “we,” “us,” or “us”) announced today that it has acquired Cherry Creek Broadcasting LLC (“Cherry Creek”) for $18. The final document is executed. .75 million. Also, and due to FCC ownership restrictions, Town Square will operate six radio stations in Missoula, MT, Anderson Broadcasting, Legacy Broadcasting (a non-profit organization), and Missoula Community Radio (also a non-profit organization). , and two places. . Radio station in three cities, WA in distribution trust. Pro forma for the acquisition and distribution (collectively known as the “Transaction”), Town Square will increase its assets to include 35 local radio stations in 9 markets, increasing its portfolio of market-leading local radio stations to 356 in 74 markets. . This transaction strengthens Townsquare’s position as the only local media and digital

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