List Of Community Radio Stations In The United States

List Of Community Radio Stations In The United States – Last year, when people had to spend more time at home to practice social distancing, listeners around the world converged on online radio. This trend continues in 2021: a community of music lovers who ‘lock’ each other at home and find each other in chat rooms. Bedroom DJs make waves as beloved entertainers, and the neon-blue HÖR studio nurtures Berlin’s most popular club and a testing ground for a new generation of producers.

It’s been a big year for established online radio stations: London heavyweight NTS has lost one of its most popular radio presenters with the sudden death of Charlie Bones, currently freelancing on, as it celebrates its 10th anniversary. .

List Of Community Radio Stations In The United States

After losing its iconic shipping container studio space east of Munich, Radio 80000 moved to a new studio space in the city center. In Athens, Movement Radio – launched last year as part of the “Movement 1920-2020: Beyond and Across Borders” festival in February 2020 – has joined local artists and an international resident group of impressionists including Deena Abdulwahad, DJ Plead and KMRU. Like Jay Glass Dubs, Knopf Weezy, and Bonebrock. Glasgow’s Clyde Built Radio, which launched last year as the pandemic sheltered people in Scotland, has finally opened its Emerald Green studio space in the city’s East End to residents, guest DJs and passers-by.

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With parts of club culture opening up and returning as we know it, community radio has returned to its roots, providing a physical platform for DJs to try out new IRL sets and for people to meet, exchange ideas and share knowledge through boards and workshops. . Keeping up to date with online community radio stations around the world is an impossible task. This list is a tribute to the many platforms that aim to make a positive impact on their respective communities through their chosen streaming medium. Go deeper below.

Launched in February, Frankfurt-based EOS Radio aims to strengthen local music communities and connect them globally. In addition to its stellar programming, which has so far focused on performances by artists and collectives from Europe and the United States, the station also hosts five live streams with artists such as Aurora Halal, Ben UFO, Jasmine Infinity, Kikelomo and 41ISSA. EOS-03 festival in August and EOS-04 rave in September. While EOS Radio is currently streaming-only, a pop-up radio station is in the works, which it says “will be the first step toward becoming a physical radio station with a studio.” Reality”. EOS is working to assemble for an early 2022 release. Featured shows include N.J.’s November 2021 program. Quist and Nazanin Nuri’s November 2021 program.

In Berlin, those dreaming of a “third place” – a social space separate from family and work – found a place at Asylum Worldwide this year. In addition to their broadcasts, which began in March, Refuge Worldwide opened a bar and café in front of its studio on Neukölln’s busy Weserstraße this summer. Refuge Worldwide’s radio programming ranges from DJ mixes and panel discussions to interviews on current affairs. Their website, newsletter and social channels also provide regular updates on news through interlaced and global TV channel. Black Brown Berlin, Nicky Nair, Paramida and Sarah Farina are among the recipients of the 2021 Tag der Clubculture Award.

Born out of unexpected friendships in an art studio in an abandoned mall, Oroko Radio is a new community radio station based in Accra, Ghana. Oroko – taking its name from an ancient form of non-verbal communication through everyday objects in pre-colonial West Africa – “aims to amplify and connect independent artists across Africa and the wider community.”, Niko Adomako, co-founder with Kikelomo, Trusi and Naimi Ada.

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This month, Radio Oroko launched a party in collaboration with Steady Signal, along with pop-up broadcasts, DJs and production workshops. The station will go live from January next year with residents such as Hagan, KG and Arvidical the Kid. In addition to her broadcasting, Oroko wants to create space for meaningful conversations about important social challenges and opportunities for emerging talent by launching a music studio and artist residency program.

In March, Amsterdam-based venue and music hub Radio Radio lived up to its name with the launch of its online radio station, broadcasting live from the venue. With Dutch DJ and United Identities founder Carista in charge of the music programme, the show features local favorites such as Tom Trago, BEA1991, Mark Neckelhuis, Shinedo, Sandrian, Suze Ijo and Jasmine, along with special guests from abroad: John Talbot and DJ Tennis Russell L Butler. One of the most visually stunning broadcasts we’ve seen emerge from the online radio space, with custom lighting created by Boris Aket and Lumus Instruments to illuminate the artists from behind as they play.

[sic]nal is an online radio station and contemporary music live broadcast platform from Hamburg’s infamous bunker venue Ubel & Gefferlich. It aims to build a community-based infrastructure to nurture and connect artists and music professionals. In the coming year, their aim is to provide a diverse and curated radio experience from a wide variety of cultural enthusiasts, DJs and musicians. Selected episodes include The Grimm Grimm Grimm Show, Tracksuits + Interviews with Trainers and the first show of Absolute On Music. By 2022, they plan to build a community-based infrastructure as a starting point for new formats, mentoring sessions and new alliances.

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KRBX Radio Boys volunteers during the station’s Spring Radiothon competition in 2013 — direct support from the community is critical to such local media.

Community radio is a radio service that provides a third radio model in addition to commercial and public broadcasting. Community radio stations serve geographic communities and communities of interest. They broadcast content that is popular and fits a particular local audience, but is ignored by mass (or) commercial broadcasters. Community radio stations are operated, owned and directed by the communities they serve. They are geographically non-profit and provide a mechanism to help individuals, groups and communities tell their own stories, share experiences and become media creators and contributors in a multimedia world.

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In many parts of the world, community radio serves as a vehicle for the community, voluntary sector, civil society, agricultural agencies, NGOs and cooperative cities. Apart from broadcasting works to further develop the community. France, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, Ireland and many other countries have a legally defined community radio station (as a separate broadcasting area). Most laws include expressions like “public interest”, “public purpose” and “public interest” as part of the definition. Community radio has developed differently in different countries, and the term has somewhat different meanings in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Canada, and Australia, where free speech laws and practices overshadow different realities.

Modern community radio stations serve their listeners by providing a variety of content that large commercial radio stations do not have to offer. Community radio stations can deliver news and information programs to the local area (especially immigrant or minority groups poorly served by mainstream media outlets). Special music programs are a feature of many community radio stations. Communities and pirate stations (in tolerant areas) can be valuable assets to a region. Community radio stations often avoid supplemental content found in commercial outlets, such as Top 40 music, sports, and “drive time” characters. A meme used by members of community radio station movemt should be a 10-part station and 90-part community. This means that community radio stations should focus on getting the community to talk and not just rely on radio (which is a technical process); Social concerns of community radio are emphasized more than radio. There is also a distinction, unlike mainstream stations, which are seen as catering to the commercial interests or personalities of the hunters.

Communities are levels of complexity, and what constitutes a “community” in community radio is subject to debate and varies by country. “Community” may be replaced by words such as “alternative”,

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