List Of Non-profit Radio Stations In The United States

List Of Non-profit Radio Stations In The United States – The 2022 Shortwave Frequency Guide covers the latest schedules of all secret, domestic and international stations worldwide for 2022 from our list of Super Frequencies 2022 on CD. The new edition has 350 pages.

Only the Shortwave Frequency Guide 2022 has a huge list of broadcast frequencies with 4,177 entries plus a great alphabetical list of stations. Another 8,944 entries cover all stations in the professional community worldwide from our international bestselling Community Radio Station Guide 2021/2022 and new January 2022 supplement. The new typeface allows for excellent readability. Two manuals in one – at a sensationally low price!

List Of Non-profit Radio Stations In The United States

The modern look allows very easy use and quick access to information. This is the only printed worldwide broadcast frequency list that also provides complete programming information!

Not For Profit Team Launch Radio Station For Covid 19 Updates

Stations broadcasting on the same frequency are ranked in order of start time. In this way, you can immediately identify all stations transmitting at the same time on the same frequency. Simply the most convenient printed attendance list in the world!

The Shortwave Frequency Guide 2022 is the print version of our hugely popular Super Frequency List 2022 on CD: the only reference book in the world to include all the most recent broadcast times for 2022 at the time of publication. The deadline is November 11, 2021!

Another 8,944 entries span all professional public service stations worldwide, from our 2021/2022 public service radio stations guide, an international bestseller and a new addition in January 2022. The Email Networks HF frequencies in the world are perfectly covered, including the latest frequencies in use now approaching solar cycle maximum!

Latest digital data frequencies for high end mods like ACARS ALE CODAN PACTOR SITOR STANAG Click to enlarge!

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We would like to thank over 70 experienced contributors and radio monitors around the world for their valuable contributions and updates. Between them:

The 2022 Shortwave Frequency Guide covers the latest technical developments from truly innovative broadcast stations (!), such as the Shortwave Radiogram test of state-of-the-art digital data signals for the transmission of text and graphics files. Click on the graphic to download!

Included are fascinating screenshots of the PERSEUS Software Defined Receiver (SDR) being deployed to receive professional community radio stations. Our new 2022 frequency database for the Perseus LF-HF software defined receiver now covers 13’121 of the latest HF broadcast and auxiliary radio frequencies – all in one file!

Unlike traditional publications in this area, our corporate attitude is more customer-oriented. This is a product for shortwave listeners and radio users, not equipment manufacturers or radio stations! As you can clearly see in the samples above, our unique layout represents by far the most clearly ordered frequency and layout tables in the world. Year after year, we pay tens of thousands of euros for the high quality of our data. Year after year, our famous databases are completely revised – from scratch!

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Says Mike Richards G4VNC, decoding editor at Radio User, UK: “…The paper quality and binding are excellent and the book opens easily and stays open on the selected page without having to break the spine.”

Due to popular demand, we are offering you a special package price of just EUR 60 for this book and the Super Frequencies List 2022 on CD ordered together. Click here for more package deals! A group of broadcasters, journalists, producers and senior managers have launched a new non-profit radio station from their Manchester offices specifically targeting the UK’s nine million paid and unpaid caregivers.

It was launched in response to the pandemic’s pressure on caregivers, the NHS and social care staff.

Its founders are President Hedley Finn OBE, President of International Children’s Charity Radio Lollipop, Manchester CEO John Dash, two-time Radio Academy Fellow, and Chief Content Officer Gary Robinson, former Kerranga MD! Radio and Radio Center.

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More than fifty other radio professionals contribute their time and skills to get the station up and running, supported by a team from finance, fundraising, nursing, public relations and technical experts.

“The launch of Care Radio will surprise, delight and support professionals in the care industry,” explains Robinson. “It will feature a mix of great music, interviews and listener stories.”

“Not only the time of our broadcasters, journalists and producers, but also our news delivery, streaming, apps, marketing, website, programming, images, social media, interactive services and public relations are provided by supporters who share our vision of giving back. to the caregivers for all they do for us every day.”

Staton can be heard via the Care Radio app, and the station is planned to be available at DAB multiplexes across the UK.

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They are maintained or owned by the government of a country, state, province or other territorial entity or by non-profit organizations. They differ from commercial, social, religious, and military non-profit organizations, which are maintained by for-profit organizations, formal or informal local communities, faith-based organizations, or the military. Typically, the broadcasting area of ​​a public broadcaster covers the target territory with a network of AM and/or FM transmitters. They can be funded directly by the state or by taxpayers. Their political programs can be balanced to serve the public or they can be propaganda tools that serve the government. What makes these stations different from others is that each country usually has only one public station (or one for each language group) that offers a group of stations, usually news/talk, youth/music, and a classical music/art station. In some Latin American countries there is no public radio, but there may be public television. Many countries also maintain international, politically motivated broadcasters that target foreign lists: they are not listed here.

The US government maintains two groups of external broadcasters (Voice of America and Radio Liberty and their sister stations) plus the US Forces Network.

The results of these stations are broadcast on various local stations. Some stations form a group of FM and/or HD stations, consisting of talk/news stations and jazz/classical stations. Public Radio Finance An overview of the history of finance in and through our member stations. While we share a mission with our stations, we are funded in significantly different ways.

Bayfm’s Raise Your Voice Fundraiser Is On Hold

While we share a mission with our stations, we are funded in significantly different but interconnected ways. Get an overview of this system here. The latest financial statements and annual reports are also included here.

Is an independent, non-profit media organization. We are also a membership organization of public radio stations that are separately licensed and operated in the United States.

Much of the revenue comes from membership fees and fees paid by our members and corporate sponsors. Other sources of income include institutional donations, individual contributions and fees paid by users of the Public Satellite Radio System (PRSS, ie satellite distribution and interconnection services).

Affiliations and fees paid by our members are one of the two biggest sources of revenue. This includes fees paid for broadcast news magazines, other programs we produce and distribute, digital support services, and annual membership fees. Historically, broadcasters’ fees and charges have steadily increased according to the audience of programs and the number of broadcasters representing those programs.

Vernacular Radio Stations Report By Media Council Of Kenya

The most significant component of stationery and taxi fare revenue is the transportation charge for our premium magazines —

🇧🇷 These programs are determined by the listening volume per station multiplied by the usual unit price. We charge more as listening volume increases, and in turn, stations can raise more funds from their supporters and communities.

) make up the second largest component of revenue from fees and fixed charges. These programs are billed at a rate proportional to the station’s total revenue, which means that a very large station will pay more for these programs than a very small station.

Annual membership fees and digital services fees make up the balance of flat fees and fee income. Subscriptions and a portion of the digital service fees are charged at flat rates. Payment of membership fees entitles broadcasters to be represented before Congress and regulators, and extends their rights to programming, digital distribution and other services.

List Of Public Service Radio Stations

Covering the news requires significant resources. Funding from corporate donors is an important part of the revenue that fuels detailed reports and programs, but only one part. One of the biggest portions of revenue comes from fees and charges paid by our members.

Corporate sponsors cannot influence coverage. journalists have no role in selecting corporate sponsors. Our journalists are trained in journalistic ethics and practices that prevent outside groups from influencing their objectivity, story selection and reporting. You can read the current code of ethics here. When the news demands it, we will give an account of Fr.

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